General Information

knoda is a database frontend for KDE. It is based on hk_classes and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Knoda allows you to:

  • define and delete databases;
  • create, alter and delete tables and indices;
  • add, change and delete data in tables;
  • define, execute and store sql queries;
  • define, execute and store queries with a "query by example" GUI;
  • create, alter and delete views;
  • import and export CSV data;
  • define and use forms;
  • define and print reports; and
  • write your own extensions using the integrated Python interpreter as scripting language

Its driver concept allows a uniform connection to different database servers (Dbase/Xbase, Firebird, MS Access/Mdbtools, Mysql , Paradox, Postgresql, SQLite or ODBC).